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Founded by Carolyn Clewer, the Essex girl and Parisienne, Tiphaine de Lussy, Paris Essex is the result of years of collaboration between the two knitwear and textiles specialists, which began over 20 years ago at the Royal College of Art. 

Paris Essex revisits the craft and clichés of knitting and crochet, playing with combinations of hand and machine techniques. The partnership has a long history rooted in fashion, with an archive including knitwear and accessory collections and collaborations. They share a visual language and are drawn to the materials, processes and pace of fashion, the continual reinvention and juxtaposition of ideas. The latest chapter of this adventure is the creation of narratives in a space where distinctions between craft, design, high art and low culture are blurred.

A Paris Essex "Crazy Blanket" represents a creative dialogue between Clewer and de Lussy; the two take it in turns to play with crochet and knit, using luxurious blends of mohair, wool and super-synthetics.

Each blanket is individually created by the duo, taking on its own personality as it grows organically and fluidly.  The process is more akin to collage or patchwork than meticulously planned design. With names such as "Heebie Jeebie", "Zig Zag Bunny" and "Miss Harlow" each blanket tells its own story, mixing in patterns, shapes and characters.


Exhibitions and shows:

·       "Figures of the City" International Exhibition of Creative Pattern. Nov.11-20, 2017. Invited by China Academy of Art and Hangzhou Municipal Government. Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou, China.

·       London Design Fair, Sept 2017 - Truman Brewery, London UK

·      "Between Things",15 April- 20th June 2017. Curated by Kaavous Clayton and Ben Coode-Adams, The Minories, Colchester, UK


·       Cover Magazine. Issue 49 /Winter 2017. P43

·       CNN style. 22/12/17.

·       A Shaded View on Fashion. Interview by Diane Pernet 21/12/17.

·       Cent Magazine 05/10/17.


Blankets are for sale or by commission. Contact

There are currently a small number of blankets on sale at W.A.Green in Shoreditch, London.

Collaborations and consultancy:

Paris Essex has collaborated with different manufacturers and designers. In the past few years, including a capsule hand crafted knit collection for Wolsey and interactive, customisable digital knit designs for Individually made-to-order on industrial knitting machines; the buyer can disrupt the colour, pattern and scale online at UMd studio. Interview feature:

Paris Essex is currently planning a creative collaboration with Kniterate

For commissions, collaborations and consultancy, please contact