Paris Essex : Tricot chic from Fashion Street

We are Carolyn Clewer and Tiphaine de Lussy. Carolyn, the Essex girl met Tiphaine, the Cockney Parisienne at the Royal College of Art and we have collaborated ever since.  Paris Essex revisits the craft and the clichés of knitting and crochet, playing with hand and machine techniques. Luxurious natural fibres meet glitter and fluff to create playful knits without a sell-by date.

Paris Essex Blankets

Welcome to the world of Mr Pink, The Telly Man, Birdy, Lady Lips and the Zig Zag Bunny…a land of Sunrise, Fluffy Clouds, Jungle Eyes … and Night Craze!!!

Crazy blankets are the result of a collaborative game; we take turns to play with crochet and knit, mohair, wool and super-synthetics. We work together and combine ideas to make patterns, shapes, stories and characters. Each blanket is individually created by us, taking on its own personality as it grows organically and fluidly. The process is more akin to collage or patchwork than meticulously planned design. 


Paris Essex Archive

We go back a long way, with an archive including knitwear collections and a series of limited edition hats and scarves

We have also created a range of customisable scarves and jumpers with  Unmade  ! Click here to see Drip and Splat photoshoot.  Individually made-to-order on industrial knitting machines; the buyer can disrupt the colour, pattern and scale online at UMd studio Made with 100% pure Merino wool.

Click here to see more about Paris Essex X Unmade.

Paris Essex likes

Sailors, particularly those that knit
Sheep shearers and corn dollies
Sesame street and pantomime dames
A 1970s take on 1930s style…and punk
Cliché and genre
Loops, fringes, bobbles and holes
Clouds and rainbows
Glam rock and folk art
Things gone wrong
Spilt paint and laddered tights

Photos by Louise Melchior and Phill Taylor Hacked by Paris Essex.

Thanks to Rachel Singer-Clark for girls' make up.